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Summer Dress Code

All students are expected to wear close-fitting, comfortable, and stretchy clothing that they can move in safely. Dangling jewelry and accessories are discouraged as they can be dangerous.  Students who have jazz shoes or ballet shoes should bring them. All students should wear socks. Attire should be respectful and washable in case crafting is part of the day. Crop tops are not recommended for any classes involving floor work or stretching. 

For Dance Camps & Musical Theatre Immersives: Please check the detailed schedule emailed two weeks before for recommendations about other dance shoes. 

Littles Camp: Packing an extra t-shirt and leggings is recommended in case crafting or snack time gets messy. 

For Dance Intensive: Students are expected to wear ballet class attire (any colored leotard or shirt is acceptable) for ballet class and may bring pants or t-shirts to put on for other styles. Recommended shoes include ballet, jazz, socks, and tap shoes or character shoes. 

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