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Aspire Revue: "Outside In"

featuring Aspire Kinetic Arts' students!

Saturday, June 4th @ 1pm and 5pm

Our Aspire Kinetic Arts students celebrate all they've learned this year with a performance inspired by Pixar's classic films. 

Featuring Aspire Kinetic Arts' students and Drop-in community performers! 

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A colorful poster for The Aspire Revue "OUTSIDE IN" with 5 sihlouettes of dancers in different shapes, each in a different bright color on a light blue, white, and dark blue background.




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Nonprofit Aspire Repertory Theatre is Seattle's new home for intimate, professional dance and theatre productions. ART creates accessible artistic opportunities for all ages within the performing arts for performers and audience members alike.

Aspire Repertory Theatre productions provide additional performance opportunities for  Aspire Kinetic Arts' students and community performers! 

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