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Upcoming Events School year '23-'24

January 22nd through 27th

February 17th

Aspire Revue Performance Agreements Due

Aspire Kinetic Arts Summer Registration Opens

March 1

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Exploring Theatre Performances

Past Events

Each Spring, Aspire Kinetic Arts Semester and Drop-in Students have an opportunity to perform in the Aspire Revue! Each year the theme is different. Aspire Kinetic Arts students are also invited to participate in the annual "A Nutcracker Dream" produced by our sister, non-profit organization, Aspire Repertory Theatre

Aspire Kinetic arts'


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The Aspire Revue: 
Broadway Lullaby

Catch Aspire Kinetic Arts' students and community members in this year's Aspire Revue "Broadway Lullaby"! Inspired by the musicals of Broadway throughout the decades, our dancers and theatre students of our Semester and drop-in classes strut their skills to finish out the school year! 

Performances at the Aspire Kinetic Arts space on 

Saturday, June 10th and 11th @ 1pm and @ 5pm.

A poster of red curtains opening to a dark stage with the words "The Aspire Revue: Broadway Lullaby" June 10th and 11th 1pm & 5pm at Aspire Kinetic Arts
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Aspire Kinetic arts'


The Aspire Revue: 

Our first ever Aspire Revue was "Outside In" in June of 2022!

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