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what to wear

dress code

All students are expected to wear comfortable and stretchy clothing that they can move in safely. Dangling jewelry and accessories are discouraged as they can be dangerous.  Shoes designed for the class are recommended. Further specifics at the link below. 

things to know

studio policies

Students are expected to arrive a few minutes before class in order to be ready at class time. Tardiness over 10 minutes may result in a dancer not being allowed to participate. Cell phones are not allowed in the studio in enrolled classes. No video or photography is permitted in the studio without permission of the teacher. 

what to do

helpful hints

Bring a water bottle. We have a drinking fountain where you can refill it. Pack a peanut-free healthy snack for snack breaks outside between classes. 

Pack an extra pair of socks or tights in your bag when possible. 

For long hair, make sure it is secured away from your face, and pack extra hair supplies. For dancers choosing to wear a mask, pack an extra mask.  

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