Our Calendar reflects our important dates for Semester and Drop-In classes. During Holiday breaks, Drop-In classes may continue to operate on a separate, holiday schedule. When that is the case, it will be noted both here and on the Drop-In classes page. 

Summer 2022: 


Fall Semester 2022 Calendar: 

  • September 6th (Tuesday): Fall Semester Begins

  • September 24th (Saturday): Aspire Repertory Theatre Nutcracker Orientation

  • October 1st (Saturday): "A Nutcracker Dream" Rehearsal starts & Performance Agreements due to ART

  • October 23rd (Sunday): No Drop-in Classes

  • November 11th (Friday): Veteran's Day, No classes

  • November 24th-26th (Thursday-Saturday):  Thanksgiving Break, No Semester classes, Drop-In classes here

  • December 16th-18th (Friday-Sunday): Aspire Repertory Theatre's "A Nutcracker Dream" featuring Aspire Kinetic Arts students, Dress Rehearsal and Performances 

  • December 17th-18th (Saturday-Sunday): No Semester or Drop-In classes! 

  • December 19th-January 1st: Winter Break, No Semester classes, Drop-In class schedule here

  • January 2nd (Monday): Classes Resume

  • January 16th (Monday): MLK Day, No Classes

  • January 24th-28th: Family Watch Week - dancer's families invited to come into the studio and watch class.

  • January 29th (Sunday): Last Day of Fall Semester Schedule

Spring Semester 2023 Calendar: 

  • January 30th (Monday): Spring Semester Begins

  • February 20th (Monday): Presidents' Day, No classes

  • March 1st (Wednesday): Summer Registration opens

  • April 3rd (Saturday): Aspire Revue Tickets go on-sale

  • April 10-16th (Monday-Sunday):  Spring Break, No Semester classes 

  • May 29th (Monday): Memorial Day, No classes 

  • June 9th (Friday): Aspire Kinetic Arts "Aspire Revue" dress rehearsal at Aspire

  • June 10th-11th (Saturday-Sunday): Aspire Kinetic Arts "Aspire Revue" performances 

    • No Semester Classes or Drop-in Classes

  • June 12th-17th (Monday-Saturday):  Family Watch Week 

  • June 17th (Saturday): Last day of Spring Semester! 

Schedule is subject to change. Last updated June 20, 2022